Cork Element

Cork Element

Cork Element was founded by three entrepreneurs coming from different walks of life with an immense passion for Portuguese cork. Having understood the challenges of the current textile industry, they now want to give the world designs with beautiful tree leather coming straight from the forests of Portugal.The brand’s vision is to tastefully promote Portuguese cork craftsmanship, with all their products being designed and manufactured in Portugal. They are building a sustainable fashion community giving access to individuals worldwide to buy good quality cork products.

Cork Element was created by following three main basic elements:

Handcrafted- Products are manufactured by local artisans. All the artisans are treated fairly as there are strict fair trade rules in Portugal.

Eco-friendly- Cork is a 100% natural coming from the bark of cork oak tree. The supply chain of the development of cork fabric is simple and traditional.

Vegan - Cork is durable, water resistant and has antimicrobial properties making it a really good vegan alternative for leather.

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Cork Element