Organic cotton

Organic cotton


BIO cotton represents the return to safe and more sustainable steps to growing and processing cotton material. It grows in ‘live soil’ and needs to be cultivated without pesticides for at least 3 years in order to receive BIO certification; it also needs to be processed within the international guidelines for ecological production.

It feels finer and softer because the cotton fibre has more fuzz which remains unviolated by the chemicals that are usually used in regular cotton cultivation and processing. It is also more durable, as the fabric goes through less rigorous processing and is therefore more reliable and long-lasting. BIO cotton is safe for children with sensitive skin or allergies which are aggravated by the chemicals used in cotton production. It also has a higher degree of breathability and does not interfere with the skin’s natural balance. The skin can breathe easier.

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification ensures not only strict control over quality from an ecological perspective, but also concordance with the social requirements for production consistent with Fairtrade standards.

Maintenance: dirt can be removed from the fabric simply by gently wiping the stain with a damp sponge and soft detergent. Be careful when wiping as heavy-handedness can lead to stains.


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