MINGA Berlin

MINGA Berlin

ECO COOL Individualists and mavericks should watch out! MINGA BERLIN is the congenial companion of the individualistic city dweller.

MINGA COLORFUL Checkered, striped or covered in diamonds, these vibrantly coloured socks are always worth a look. Free of gender themes there are models for both men and women. These skillfully placed splashes of colour can playfully break the greyest of days. As usual with MINGA BERLIN, all of the items are made to the highest quality standards utilising fair and responsible production techniques respecting the human and environmental costs.

MINGA BERLIN’s identity is based on the belief that only a consistently sustainable applied brand concept with an eco-social commitment can endure in the long term. Consequently, MINGA BERLIN socks are made from certified organic cotton and are manufactured to meet the high social and environmental GOTS criteria throughout the entire production chain, from the dyehouse to the store in Germany. A demanding production process ensures an exceptionally high quality and long lifespan. Their production facility is in Istanbul, where they can make theiir products in one of the best socks manufacturers in Turkey. For the producers, who have years of experience, it’s a family business in its third generation. It’s their corporate culture and not just a marketing tool that the tradition is maintained by the same family and that much emphasis is placed on the protection of the environment, quality and the safety and health of employees, which they ensure through regular visits to Turkey.

MINGA BERLIN socks are an ecological quality product and indeed a fashion statement. The combination of carefully selected colours and patterns creates a fashion accessory that goes beyond the daily need for functional “footwear”. The colourful and comfortable unisex socks are made to fill the gaps in the wardrobe of young people who are interested in being fashion trendsetters. The designer products provide not only for the feet, but also for the demand for aesthetic satisfaction. MINGA BERLIN gets its influence from the fast pace nature and mix of different cultures in the dynamic capital of Berlin: The greatest source of inspiration for them has been and remains the freedom of individuality.

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