About us

Who are we

Eco Fashion Labels is a marketplace for sustainable fashion.

We offer organic, recycled, vegan, fair trade, second hand and ethically produced fashion for women, men and kids.

We offer worldwide delivery from brands from more than 20 different countries.

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The journey so far!

We currently feature 90+ brands on our marketplace with 40+ brands in the pipeline for the coming months.


We now set out to be the first sustainable fashion marketplace to expand internationally on a larger scale and create the most comprehensive marketplace for sustainable fashion.


We carefully select brands that use sustainable materials and have one or several eco certifications. Each brand goes through our strict verification process to assure it meets our sustainability criteria.  

We are glad to support global reforestation projects via the Pledgeling Environmental Fund.

Every order plants trees ❤︎


”For us, this is a world improving project , each piece of eco apparel sold, makes a difference - a factory worker getting a fair salary, the use of an eco friendly material, less toxics used in the production or by supporting brands made by charity organizations. We aim to make a strong impact by putting eco fashion in front of fast fashion.”

Team EFL