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Bright contrasting coloured plaid print with a permanently creased diamond pattern effect makes up the front of this pouch.  Inside you will find a just as bright red cotton/polyester blend lining.   

Constructed completely from repurposed fabric swatches from Italy's top textile mills. This large pouch is perfect for organising your makeup, storing small electronic accessories or just getting all those little everyday items in one spot, so you don't have to search around in your bag. 

  • one of a kind
  • cut by hand, machine + hand sewn in Italy
  • exterior is crafted from polyester/polyurethane 
  • cotton/poly blend interior
  • measures h 12.5 X w 23.5 X d 6 cm (5 X 9.3 X 2.4 in) 
  • molded plastic top zip fastening
  • nickel D-ring
  • leather embossed logo label
  • leather side tab for easy attachment
  • leather handle with hand embroidered design