O My Bag Cotton Tote

O My Bag

O My Bag Cotton Tote

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Spread the word with this extra grande chic tote. No inside pockets, no zipper, just a tote, when a tote is all you need. This Tote is Not Your Ordinary Tote, it's a tote produced by Freeset Global. An organization that empowers women in India that escaped the sex trade industry. 

Handle size 30 cm
Weight 0.10 KG
Dimensions L 43 W 0.5 H 49 cm

The cotton collection is entirely made from GOTS certificated cotton. GOTS certified cotton is an organic cotton that is grown without any harmful pesticides or fertilizers, to preserve soil health. It’s considered the world’s best standard for organic cotton! With a little love and care your bag will last for years. We celebrate used products and encourage you’ll repair whenever possible.



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