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Pixie's Pouch
Pixie's Pouch
Pixie's Pouch
Pixie's Pouch
Pixie's Pouch
Pixie's Pouch
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O My Bag

Pixie's Pouch

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Pixies Pouch has enough space to fit all your needs and closes with a knob button for easy access and an edgy touch. On the inside, you find the O My Bag signature black and white striped lining, six card slots, one compartment for all your bills and receipts, and one handy zipper pocket for coins. A very pretty handcrafted wallet that is a sophisticated choice for all wearers. Whether you’re always on the go, or just love some extra space, Pixies Pouch has your back. The sophisticated and luxurious Wild Oak tone makes this pouch a must-have for all your beloved small items.

Weight 0.15 KG
Dimensions L 19 W 2 H 10 cm

  • Knob-button closure

  • Main compartment

  • O My Bag's signature striped cotton lining

  • Six card slots

  • Slip in pocket

  • Zipper pocket

This premium quality sustainable leather is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish. The Soft Grain Leather will age and mature beautifully over time due to its open structure, which makes Pixies Pouch an indispensable leather item you’ll never get bored of! With a little love and care your bag will last for years. We celebrate used products and encourage you to repair whenever possible.