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O My Bag

Webbing Strap

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Freshen up your favorite bag by swapping out the strap for the Black and White Checkered Webbing Strap. The brass-colored clasps combined with black and white webbing make this strap a timeless but edgy alternative for every other strap you have. Personalize your O My Bag and make it last even longer. Combine this strap with your Scarlet, Audrey Mini (chain), Ella, Ella Midi, Janet, Lola or Nano and give your outfit just that little bit extra.


Weight 0.20 KG
Dimensions L 132 W 5 cm

  • Additional adjustable/removable shoulder strap
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Antique brass hardware
  • Detachable/adjustable shoulder strap

The details on this strap are made from the classic leather, which has a classy, yet modern and sophisticated look. It is characterized by its shining surface and a smooth and gentle feel. This premium quality sustainable leather is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish.  This natural leather has an open structure, which means that scratching will occur and irregularity in color and texture are a part of this leather. These characteristics make it a unique product that ages beautifully over time. Try to avoid heavy downpours, leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof. With a little love and care your O My Bag will last for years. We celebrate used products and encourage you to repair whenever possible. The webbing strap can be cleaned using soap and water, do not machine wash.



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