Women's Graphene T-Shirt GTee
Women's Graphene T-Shirt GTee
Women's Graphene T-Shirt GTee
Women's Graphene T-Shirt GTee
Women's Graphene T-Shirt GTee
Women's Graphene T-Shirt GTee


Women's Graphene T-Shirt GTee

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Women’s graphene t-shirt GTee is a unique combination of nanotechnology and sustainability. Material combines fiber from graphene nanoparticles and recycled plastics, giving it a number of great properties while being more environmentally friendly.
Thanks to its features, GTee t-shirt can be used for a variety of outdoor sports activities.

By purchasing, you help people in need.

With each purchase, you contribute to the non-profit organization Care and the Foundation of Veronika Kašáková.



  • Model measures 168cm, weighs 52kg and is wearing a size XS
  • Material: 50% graphene / 50% recycled polyester
  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • Color: Black
  • Made in the Czech Republic




By combining fibers with graphene nanoparticles, GTee acquires amazing properties while maintaining a low weight of around 140g.




It is a material with good bio compatibility, recyclable, certified as non-toxic, without chemical modifications. Its properties persist even after frequent washing.







Thermal conductivity

It can absorb harmful UV rays and turn it into infrared radiation, which can perfectly guide heat through the human body.



UV protection

The sun won't put you at risk because GTee can absorb harmful UV rays. The material has a value 

of UPF 40+.




Whether you're sweating more or just catching a cloud break, the material can very quickly take away water molecules.




Material is antibacterial, airtide and absorbs moisture. Even after a three-day hike, GTee won't stink.