O My Bag, Zipper Laptop Sleeve 15
O My Bag, Zipper Laptop Sleeve 15

O My Bag

Zipper Laptop Sleeve 15"

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This padded sleeve is designed to perfectly hold a 15-inch laptop, but also holds your portfolio, documents or a range of other laptops and tablets. Are you the proud owner of a 15-inch MacBook Pro? If yes, this is the right coat for your lovely laptop. This sleeve keeps your masterpiece safe and secure! It can carry all of the new 15-inch MacBooks Pro models! Unfortunately, it does not fit MacBooks 15-inch produced before 2016. The Zipper Laptop Sleeve smoothly closes with a rounded two-way zipper, allowing you to access your laptop and documents with ease. The Zipper Laptop Sleeve’s Navy shade is timeless and has a rich look and feel. There’s just no wrong way to wear it! Carry your handcrafted laptop sleeve solo, or pack it neatly into your bag.


Weight 0.40 KG
Dimensions L 36 W 2 H 25.5 cm

  • Antique brass hardware
  • Double zipper closure
  • O My Bag's signature striped cotton lining
  • Padding to protect your laptop
  • Macbook Pro 15" (from 2016)


The Zipper Laptop Sleeve comes in the Classic Leather, which has a classy, yet modern and sophisticated look. It is characterized by its shining surface and a smooth and gentle feel. This premium quality sustainable leather is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish. Because of the open structure, scratching will occur and irregularity in color and texture are part of this leather. The leather will develop over time and will look even better the more you use it! With a little love and care your bag will last for years. We celebrate used products and encourage you to repair whenever possible.



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